Losers: I am resisting the urge to rub it in

I was resigned to Hillary winning.  “All” the polls had her ahead.  I literally prayed for the grace to accept whatever happened in the election and to have faith that we would survive.

The Trump haters are bummed.  I endured eight years of Clinton and eight years of Obama, so I know how you feel.  I don’t really like Trump that much either, but at least he beat Hillary

It really doesn’t matter who you voted for.  You are only one out of millions.  You are the minority, this time.  You may still choose to believe that you are not wrong.

We still have laws and the President doesn’t make new ones.  Obama has been doing all he can to pronounce executive orders, but hopefully Trump will rescind most of them immediately.    It really doesn’t matter who is the president.  There is an almost-balanced congress and there will be an almost-balanced Supreme Court. 

The effects of government actions are not known for years, if not generations. For example, the consequences of Obamacare are only now becoming obvious.  It was rammed through by a Democrat congressional majority and president.  Gridlock would have been better.  Social security is not bankrupt yet, even though that has been forecasted for years.  Deficit spending accelerates exponentially but we still don’t have the rampant inflation and economic collapse that has been predicted for decades.

With close balances in both houses of congress and almost as much opposition to Trump from Republicans, we’ll have a lot of gridlock, or should I say compromise, which will prevent further debacles such as Obamacare.

So cheer up, look out your window and notice that you can’t tell who runs the government.  Unless of course you are in one of the places that have been run by Democrats for generations, such as Detroit or Baltimore, where there is now probably rioting in the streets.

If you, too, believed that Hillary was ahead in all the polls, may this help you to  understand what people have been saying about the bias of the mainstream media.

So cheer up.  Pot was legalized in several more states!


  1. Would all the Trump haters out there please only share original thoughts (if you have any). Don’t just post a link to your favorite left-wing rag. I can surf the net and read all of the brilliant articles by professional writers, too.

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